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This is the online website of Digital Artist Elijah Leon. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate the site. Most of all, enjoy the videos, art, games, and let me know what you think! - E
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Just Who Is Elijah Leon?

Born Elijah Hughes, in 1981, the artist currently known as Elijah Leon as always been into art. From making and coloring his own coloring books, to drawing all over his school work, Elijah was destined to be an artist. In High School, Elijah was such a great artist, he earned the nickname “Sketch.E” which sticks to this day. It was here that his love for video games grew, as did his artistic talents. After graduating High School and taking 2 years of junior college courses to become a computer science major at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Elijah had a change of heart. No more the programmer, he decided to do what he has always loved, which is art. Elijah then enroled into Westwood College of Technology, where he obtained an Associates of Arts and Science in Graphic Design and Multimedia with a cumulative GPA of 3.92. Not content with his art degree, Elijah set out to make his dream of a video game designer a reality and enroled at the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago. Here Elijah was earned a Bachelor of Arts in Video Game Art and Design. Now Elijah, also known as ‘E’, spends his days working a full time job, but never forgets about his passion for art. Elijah is currently in the process of designing an Android game for relase some time next year.
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